load1 W3S2 [ləud US loud] n
1¦(amount of something)¦
2 a load (of something)
3 a bus load/car load/truck load etc
4 a load of crap/bull etc
8 get a load of somebody/something
[: Old English; Origin: lad 'support, carrying']
a large quantity of something that is carried by a vehicle, person etc
load of
a load of wood
The lorry had shed its load (=the load had fallen off) .
The plane was carrying a full load of fuel.
2.) a load (of sth)
loads (of sth) BrE informal a lot of something
We got a load of complaints about the loud music.
Don't worry, there's loads of time
loads to do/see/eat etc
There's loads to see in Paris.
3.) a bus load/car load/truck load etc
the largest amount of something that a vehicle can carry
a bus load of tourists
4.) a load of crap/bull etc
a load of rubbish BrE spoken not polite used to say that something is bad, untrue, or stupid
I thought the game was a load of crap.
5.) ¦(WORK)¦
the amount of work that a person or machine has to do
The computer couldn't handle the load and crashed.
a light/heavy load
(=not much or a lot of work)
Hans has a heavy teaching load this semester.
My work load has doubled since Henry left.
They hired more staff in order to spread the load.
6.) ¦(WORRY)¦
a problem or worry that is difficult to deal with
When someone is depressed, the extra load of having financial problems can make the situation worse.
Knowing he was safe was a load off my mind (=I felt less worried) .
Coping with ill health was a heavy load to bear.
7.) ¦(WASHING)¦
a quantity of clothes that are washed together in a washing machine
I've already done three loads of laundry this morning.
8.) get a load of sb/sth
spoken used to tell someone to look at or listen to something that is surprising or funny
Get a load of this! Your stars say you are going to meet someone who's rich.
9.) ¦(WEIGHT)¦
the amount of weight that something is supporting
a load-bearing wall
It increased the load on the wheels.
technical an amount of electrical power that is being produced
load 2
load2 v
1.) [I and T] also load up
to put a large quantity of something into a vehicle or container
≠ ↑unload
Have you finished loading up?
It took an hour to load the van.
Will you help me load the dishwasher?
load sth into/onto sth
Emma loaded all the groceries into the car.
He loaded the cups onto a tray.
load sth with sth
She loaded up the car with camping gear.
2.) [T]
to put a necessary part into something in order to make it work, for example bullets into a gun or film into a camera
load sth with sth
Did you load it with 200 or 400 film?
load sth into sth
Can you load the CD into the player, please?
3.) [I and T]
to put a program into a computer, or to be put into a computer
The program takes a while to load.
To load the file, press the 'return' key.
4.) [i]also load up
if a ship, aircraft etc loads, goods are put onto it
The first ship to load at the new port was the 'Secil Angola'.
load with
The boat called at Lerwick to load up with fresh vegetables.
load down [load sb/sth<=>down] phr v
1.) [usually passive]
to give someone more work or problems than they can deal with
= ↑weigh down be/feel loaded down with sth
Jane felt loaded down with money worries.
2.) to make someone carry too many things
= ↑weigh down be loaded down with sth
I was loaded down with bags so I took a taxi.
load up on [load up on sth] phr v
to get a lot of something so that you are sure you will have enough
= ↑stock up (on)
People were loading up on bottled water.
load (up) with [load sb (up) with sth] phr v
to give someone a lot of things, especially things they have to carry

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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